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NFT20Factory functions to provide mappings between NFT contract addresses and NFT20 pairs for trading those assets.

This contract is an AdminUpgradeabilityProxy contract currently deployed at 0x0f4676178b5c53Ae0a655f1B19A96387E4b8B5f2 on mainnet Ethereum.

The currently deployed version is NFT20FactoryV3 at 0xf39b0F846f967895DB4c31B6b62d2BE3F5Af8454 on mainnet Ethereum.

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    1. nftToToken()
    2. logic()
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    4. counter()

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mapping(address => address) public nftToToken;

Returns the NFT20Pair address for a supplied ERC721/ERC1155 contract address (if one exists).


Type Description
address Contract address for an ERC721/ERC1155.

Return values

Type Description
address An address representing the NFT20Pair instance for this ERC721/ERC1155.


address public logic;

This method returns the address of the base contract for creating new NFT20Pairs.

Type Description
address Address of the contract used for instantiating a new NFT20Pair.


uint256 public fee;

This method returns the value unint256 fee, which represents the default fee used by NFT20Pair.

Return values

Type Description
uint256 current fee in NFT20Pair tokens.


uint256 public counter;

This method method returns the value of uint256 counter, which represents the number of NFT20Pairs currently tracked by the factory.

Return values

Type Description
uint256 number of NFT20Pairs.