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How to create an NFT20 pool for a project

Creating a pool for your NFT project is really simple and will help your community achieve liquidity and swaps for all your NFTs in a simple manner.

Create the pool

  1. Go to
  2. Paste the smart contract address of the NFT collection
  3. Select a suitable name for the pool and the token symbol
  4. Launch the transaction
  5. Once your transaction is mined, go to the asset page and search for newly created pool.

Kickstarting the pool

  1. Go to your newly created pool by searching on the asset page.
  2. Click on the upper part of the swap box to deposit the NFTs you want to deposit in the pool.
  3. Once selected you’ll need to send a first transaction to approve our contract to move your NFTs
  4. Then send the second transaction that will deposit the NFTs and give you tokens

Adding liquidity

  1. On the page of your asset, click on the uniswap link
  2. You’ll be guided on how to add liquidity for enabling instant buy/sell of your NFTs on NFT20.
  3. Select the amount of tokens you want to deposit with the amount of ETH. As a reminder, the price of 100 tokens should be the floor price of your collection

In case your items floor price is 0.05ETH it will mean that 100 tokens will be matched with 0.05 ETH.

  1. Once done, contact us so we can update the website

Full video tutorial including Uniswap pool creation (Old)